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Find on this page:

A chart showing AVCG officer duties

A list of AVCG crews and crew descriptions

Information on disposal of green waste

Organic gardening policy at AVCG

Information about working your plot and inspections

Accessing your membership account at using ClubExpress

-- logging in,

-- your profile and adding /removing co-gardeners

-- signing-off on forms

-- tracking red flags on your plot

-- using AVCG forums.

AVCG officer duties
can be viewed here.

Crew descriptions
The Anthill Village Community Garden runs so smoothly by delegating important garden upkeep and club tasks to various crews.

Click here for a list of the crews and their responsibilities.

Green waste
Please place your weeds, dead plants, and other garden waste (except soil, rocks, and trash) in the green waste bin outside the garden next to the AVCG parking lot.

Our green waste is collected by the University Hills Grounds Crew.  We very much appreciate their assistance in managing our green waste.

Organic gardening
Download the AVCG organic gardening guidelines here.

AVCG guidelines for structures and storage
Emphasis for all structures and storage issues must be given to safety for gardeners through the elimination of sharp edges, protruding points, shoddy construction, and trip hazards.

Read the structure and storage guidelines in this document.

Working your plot and monthly inspections
All gardeners are expected to work their plot continuously throughout the year.  Click here to read the Membership Agreement.  To read more about monthly inspections, click on this link.

How to access and edit your membership account using ClubExpress
Members use ClubExpress, the club's membership management platform, to keep their records accurate and up-to-date.  They also sign-off on forms, take surveys, and participate in forums using ClubExpress.

Click here for instructions on how to login to your account, add or remove a co-gardener working with you on your plot, and for signing-off on the Membership Agreement and Liability Waiver for secondary and/or minor children. 

Secondary and tertiary members click on Sign-Offs & Surveys (at the top of every webpage) to sign-off on Liability Waivers.

Click here for instructions on checking the red flags given to your plot.

Click here for information and instructions on using forums.